Pop along to Popplet

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Essay planning, Mindmaps, Web 2.0 tools
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Popplet is a nice little mindmapping tool that I have been using recently with my Upper 6th to help them revise for their WJEC A2 exams, and in particular the cultural studies essay option. It is a really good little tool to make essay structures, to link ideas for paragraphs and also to collaborate and share ideas. I like the idea of my pupils working together for the parts of the course requiring giving opinions and arguing ideas and regularly photocopy their essays to share as they can all benefit from each others’ ideas. Popplet allows them to give access to their mindmaps to others and add their own thoughts to the mindmap. It is also very useful to do in class rather than writing on the board, projecting your popplet onto a screen, giving a more appealing, neat and professional appearance.

It is another free tool to use to start with although you only are allowed to create 5 popplets to start. Being a natural hoarder, this is a shame as I like to keep ones I have already made and have them easily available for updating. As it is, you have to delete old ones to create new ones but you can of course take screenshots of the completed popplet, print them out or save them as pdf files to be emailed to others.

My pupils and I find it really easy to use. To create a new ‘popple’ (idea bubble) just double click anywhere on the board and then type into it. You can easily change the colour of the popplet, the size of the font and the size of the popple with the buttons provided. You can then link to new popples by drawing lines off existing ones which will have the same colour as the ‘source’ popple – this is great for paragraph structuring in particular. The board effectively is endless, and you can easily move around it to look at different parts of the mind map.

To collaborate you just have to invite others to join – for this they will need to be logged on and you will need to know either their name or their email address.

There are lots of other potential uses for popplet. It could be used as a role play introduction, as maybe a game to add vocabulary to different topics as well as ways of showing how different phrases and tenses could be used in GCSE essays for instance. Also it could be used to help when doing a presentation in class.

Here is a link to a popplet preview on Youtube which shows how it all works.

Again if you do any popplets for Spanish, or want to share them or collaborate together, please let me know.


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