Edexcel AS/ A2 marking and feedback form

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Marking
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This is less of a web tool and technology based post and instead the offer of a form to help marking AS and A2 essays for the Edexcel exam board. I have kind of borrowed some ideas from Glenn Smith’s pro forma for the AQA board that you can find at his espanish website here in the resources section. As well as checklists for tenses included, things done well, mistakes made and checklists for what to improve in grammar, context and lexis, there is also the exact markscheme for the Section C of Unit 2 and Section B of Unit 4. Click on the links below to get them (Please note that I’ve got my school name in the top right hand corner – you will need to change this!)

A2 Edexcel Essay mark feedback form

AS Edexcel Essay mark feedback form

I may well do ones for IB Language B (Standard, Higher and ab initioas well at some point soon as I will also be teaching this over the coming academic year)

Please let me know if the pro formas are useful or if you would like to suggest any improvements. Also let me know if you have downloaded these by commenting on this post please.

  1. Anna Ashby says:

    Thank you so much. So helpful to have the mini mark scheme at the end so that pupils know where to improve. Love the tick box idea. great for busy teachers. Mil gracias 🙂

    • pedrozinho76 says:

      Thanks for feedback Anna. The main thanks should go to Glenn Smith as I basically adapted his AQA sheet from his site (espanish). I’m going to do one for IB and WJEC actually as well at some point soon, let me know if they will be useful for you

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