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Posted: October 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Permit me to do a bit of advertising for my side project from teaching.

Through Pearson Publishers coming to do some market research at my last school, I was lucky enough to get involved with a project to provide weekly online content for IB students doing Spanish B, whether as Standard or Higher level. (The content is actually appropriate for A level students as well).  The site is called ‘Exclusiva’ and it runs in tandem alongside the Espanol B textbook.

This is what the homepage looks like!


On this site you will find exercises in the style of IB exercises, divided up into the various topic areas of the IB. With each text related to the Core there are two exercises and one for the Options topics. As well as the Launch content of 30 texts, there will be a new text every week that my friend Virginia and I write, so for your subscription you get  52 new texts every year. All texts will be on relevant recent topics. There aren’t just written texts but some video exercises from authentic news sources. There are also really extensive vocabulary lists for each core and options topic divided up into verbs, nouns and adjectives. I also write a weekly blog with up-to-date links to things of interest such as videos, cartoons, news articles and songs.

Here is a link to a video about the website

Hope it proves useful to people of 6th form teachers, whether IB or A level.


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