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Posted: August 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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As a second post today, but more of a request than for giving information, I will hopefully write a few more blogs before term begins. I would be interested to know if readers would like to know about iPad / iPhone apps that may be useful for the MFL classroom (as well as other subjects as well, but with the primary focus being n the benefits for the MFL classroom), or about more internet-based tools. If you have any preferences, please do send a message or comment below!

Apps I have been starting to use for MFL education include the following:

Morfo, Audioboo, Voice Record, WordFoto, Wordsalad, Comic Life, Decide Now!, ShowMe, Skitch, Videoscribe, dotSub, BaiBoard, Voxdox, Vintagio, Puppet Pals, Vittle, Story Creator, MyStory, Socrative.

Let me know if anything interests you in particular.


I’m on the train back from London so I thought I would write a rapid blog from my iPhone (yes wordpress has a free app you can download – nice). Via an idea from someone on twitter (who I will look up when I am home and give credit to) I downloaded the Silent Film Director app which is free (naturally!). The free version allows you to make a video look in different old film styles, namely black and White, 20s, sepia, sepia vintage, 1960s home video and a couple of others. You also have a choice of 4 soundtracks (typical old silent film fare) and choice of speeds. My lovely little godsons Jake (6) and Max (3) enjoyed being actors for my trial versions over the weekend with some funny results (the best being the light sabre film starring Jake!)

The idea is that you can make some silent films which you can then transfer to your computer. I find the easiest way is to use dropbox which links up your computers and even smartphone. With videos made , pupils can then add captions and subtitles for the films. I have to confess that I haven’t found the best way to do this yet – Amara looks like one option now that Jaycut has gone offline. I suppose another option is for pupils to do a running spoken commentary of their videos in class which might be good as well, though would have to be done without the soundtrack playing. Since the soundtracks are part of the charm of Silent Film Director I like the caption idea more. When I find a good caption tool I will blog about it! If anyone knows one, please let me know on here or on twitter. Of course this app depends on pupils having smart phones if they want to do them independently, but you can probably make a few for classroom use and give pupils the chance to come up with their captions. I don’t think I will be lending my phone!

Anyone know if this app is available for iPads or other smartphones? Please comment below!